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"Vaccination has saved more lives in Canada in the past 50 years than any other medical intervention, and is widely viewed as a cornerstone in the efforts to promote public health. Although vaccines have provided tremendous benefits, the effectiveness of existing and new immunization programs depends heavily on their acceptance by the public, which is becoming increasingly challenged by concerns regarding vaccine safety. Thus, in addition to strong vaccine recommendations by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) and other advisory bodies – as well as adequate vaccine funding – comprehensive, coordinated education programs that target the public (and health care providers) are urgently required in Canada to improve vaccine knowledge, attitudes, and coverage rates, and hence to reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable disease.

Ironically, vaccination programs have recently become, to some degree, the victim of their own success. Specifically, the near disappearance of (and lack of direct experience with) target diseases such as polio or measles have led to increased complacency towards immunization, and vaccination rates have thus dropped – with frequently reported resurgence of vaccine-preventable disease. Other factors have also contributed to the recent emergence of the “anti-vaccine movement” that questions the need for vaccines and their general safety, including growing mistrust of government and public health officials, and the proliferation of electronic communications, which can rapidly propagate inaccurate information. Simultaneously, the balance has shifted away from recognizing the true benefits of vaccination towards increased suspicion of adverse effects resulting from immunization. Overall, the current complacency and growing opposition towards vaccination underscore the urgent need to improve immunization awareness and education programs, particularly in terms of achieving target immunization rates". - Vaccines Matter: Talking to Canadians (Part 8 of Vaccine White Paper Series)

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