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"Vaccine research and development (R&D) has been quietly undergoing a renaissance in recent years, particularly as health care authorities increasingly acknowledge the benefits and cost effectiveness of vaccination. Canada continues to make significant contributions to vaccine R&D; these accomplishments have saved lives, decreased human suffering, and reduced health care costs, thus protecting the well being of individuals and societies in Canada and around the world. Globally, renewed or expanded research efforts have been fueled by several factors, including the lack of vaccines currently available for several major infectious diseases (e.g. malaria, hepatitis C, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, AIDS); the need for viable alternatives to antibiotics to help fight infection; concerns regarding emerging infectious diseases as well as potential threats such as pandemic influenza and bioterrorism; and the recent growth and “blockbuster” revenues observed in the global vaccine market. Collectively, these factors underscore the crucial need for vaccine R&D to remain a priority, both in Canada and worldwide..." - Research and Development: Fostering Vaccine Innovation in Canada (Part 3 of Vaccine White Paper Series)

Part 1. Introduction to Vaccines: The Canadian Perspective
Part 2. The Current Canadian Vaccine Environment
Part 3. Research and Development: Fostering Vaccine Innovation in Canada
Part 4. Pathway to Access: Health Canada Oversight
Part 5. Pathway to Access: Improving the Evaluation and Recommendation Process
Part 6. Pathway to Access: Toward Sustainable Funding
Part 7. Pathway to Access: Manufacturing, Supply, and Procurement Systems
Part 8. Vaccines Matter: Talking to Canadians
Part 9. Ensuring Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness for Canadians
Part 10. Injecting Success: The Future of Vaccines in Canada

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