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"In Canada, current evaluation and recommendation procedures that ultimately support the adoption of public vaccine programs have significant drawbacks; these mechanisms can still be characterized as lacking in harmonization and transparency, resulting in unacceptable duplication, inequities and delays. Unfortunately, such inconsistencies and delays can mean that Canadians suffer and or die needlessly due to vaccine preventable diseases. Canada needs an efficient, predictable process for evaluating and recommending vaccines – including participation at the federal, provincial and territorial (F/P/T) levels – for both existing and new public immunization programs. This Paper examines the current Canadian landscape for vaccine evaluation and recommendation, including potential solutions for future direction, and thus lays the groundwork for exploring funding issues (see Paper 6) as the next step along the continuum of implementing successful vaccination programs". - Pathway to Access: Improving the Evaluation and Recommendation Process (Part 5 of Vaccine White Paper Series)

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