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CANVax Webinar Series

Join us for our webinar series throughout the fall of 2019 and the winter of 2020 as we explore current and emerging topics in immunization from vaccine safety to strategies and initiatives to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake.

This series is primarily intended for public health professionals working in various levels of immunization, including the planning, development, implementation and promotion of immunization programs.

If you have suggestions for topics you’d like to learn more about, share them with us using our Contact Us page.


Registration for each webinar opens one month preceding the date of the webinar. See below for the registration link in each session’s description.


The webinar recording will be posted on CPHA’s YouTube channel and on our website.

Upcoming Webinars


Maryline Vivion


Tuesday, January 14, 2020: 1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Time
Intensive Mothering and Vaccine Hesitancy in the Web 2.0 Era
Maryline Vivion, PhD - Quebec National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ)

In Canada, vaccination is not mandatory, and it is estimated that nearly one-third of parents are vaccine-hesitant. Vaccine-hesitant parents may choose to refuse vaccines for their children, to delay vaccination, or to follow the recommendations of health authorities despite significant fears and concerns. Some authors attributed vaccine hesitancy to the proliferation of negative information about vaccines on the Internet. Other studies indicated that vaccine-hesitant parents adhere to a specific parental approach, such as intensive mothering. In North America, many normative views co-exist, most of them put children’s needs as the priority. In this context, it is important to understand how the Internet participates in shaping maternity knowledge and the role of the Internet regarding health decision for their child’s vaccination.

This presentation is based on the findings of an online ethnography conducted in 2015. Non-participant and participant observations on three online social media groups for mothers, 19 individual interviews with mothers, and media monitoring on the topic of vaccines were conducted.

The results highlight different types of vaccine hesitancy and the informational context of mothers and the tensions between health authority norms (such as the vaccine norm) and healthism ideology norms (such as questioning expert knowledge).

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Dr. Karina Top

Tuesday, February 11, 2020: 1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Time
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Managing patients with adverse events following immunization
Dr. Karina Top, MD, MS, FRCPC - Dalhousie University, Canadian Center for Vaccinology

Patients or clients with adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) may be encountered in clinical and public health practice, and providers may be uncertain as to the best approach to their management. This webinar will discuss common and complex scenarios of AEFIs, discuss approaches to management, and describe resources available to clinicians and public health units through the Special Immunization Clinic Network.

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Past Webinars


Sandani Hapuhennedige
Thursday, November 14, 2019: 1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Time
Vaccine-Injury Compensation: A Complex Conversation
Sandani Hapuhennedige, BSc., BA., MPH (on behalf of Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit)

In Canada, only the province of Quebec has a vaccine-injury compensation program. This CANVax webinar will provide participants with an overview of the dialogue on vaccine-injury compensation (VIC), the rationale for these policies, and how they function. The speaker will further describe the context and current status of VIC policies/programs in Canada, based on specific recent events, reviews of the literature, and other related conversations via social media and advocacy groups. The session will conclude with a conversation on gaps in knowledge and important next steps for Canada’s immunization strategies and planning.

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Dr. Shelly McNeil

Thursday, October 10, 2019: 12 PM - 1 PM Eastern Time
Living better longer: The importance of influenza vaccine
Dr. Shelly McNeil - Canadian Center for Vaccinology, Dalhousie University

“Living better longer: The importance of influenza vaccine” explores the data supporting the use of influenza vaccines in older adults, with a focus on special considerations for this population. This webinar reviews the burden of influenza in older Canadian adults, discusses the importance of understanding the relationship between frailty and influenza, reviews the Canadian data supporting the effectiveness of standard-dose TIV for the prevention of serious outcomes in older adults, and reviews data supporting the use of high-dose influenza vaccine in older adults.

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