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"In Canada, immunization plays a central role in all of public health programming, hence renewed efforts to advocate the full value of vaccines will be critical to the overall ability to support the “common good”. BIOTECanada’s Vaccine Industry Committee (VIC) plays an active role in increasing awareness of the value of vaccines to the Canadian health care system, as part of its broader mandate in fostering excellence in research, manufacturing, and full access to vaccines. Thus, in the spirit of collaboration, the VIC has putforward the following recommendations for consideration by federal, provincial and territorial (F/P/T) governments and other key stakeholders, in promoting vaccines for the benefit of all Canadians and future generations." - Introduction to Vaccines: The Canadian Perspective (Part 1 of Vaccine White Paper Series)

Part 1. Introduction to Vaccines: The Canadian Perspective
Part 2. The Current Canadian Vaccine Environment
Part 3. Research and Development: Fostering Vaccine Innovation in Canada
Part 4. Pathway to Access: Health Canada Oversight
Part 5. Pathway to Access: Improving the Evaluation and Recommendation Process
Part 6. Pathway to Access: Toward Sustainable Funding
Part 7. Pathway to Access: Manufacturing, Supply, and Procurement Systems
Part 8. Vaccines Matter: Talking to Canadians
Part 9. Ensuring Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness for Canadians
Part 10. Injecting Success: The Future of Vaccines in Canada

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Vaccine Safety and Development,Research and Development,Vaccine History,Vaccine Development Vaccine Safety and Development
Research and Development
Vaccine History
Vaccine Development


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