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"As of early 2009, the Canadian vaccine landscape mirrors the highly concentrated structure of the global vaccine marketplace, with the “top tier” vaccine companies currently including GlaxoSmithKline Canada, Merck Canada Ltd., Novartis, Pfizer Canada (formerly Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Canada), and sanofi pasteur. Other industry players in Canada include Solvay Pharma Inc., as well as the smaller vaccine developers Medicago, Immunoaccine Inc., and Variation Biotechnologies Inc., among others. The vaccine research community encompasses the discovery and clinical research departments of the lead industry players, as well as a broad array of player engaged in early-stage vaccine R&D at academic, hospital, and government laboratories and research institutions. Funded by a diverse group of major grant agencies, as well as private and public investors, Canada’s vaccine industry players make a significant contribution to the national economy, in terms of both job creation and investment in R&D. Hence the vaccine sector should be actively promoted and fostered by stakeholders across all levels of the research community, the business/investment community, and government". - The Current Canadian Vaccine Environment (Part 2 of Vaccine White Paper Series)

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