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Welcome to emerging topics, where we engage experts from across Canada to better understand emerging issues in immunization and the initiatives that aim to combat them.

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Dr. Vinita Dubey


ET7: Vaccine Communication: Responding to Media

Dr. Vinita Dubey describes how to respond to media when communicating about vaccines.


Dr. Eve Dubé
ET6: Vaccine Communication Strategies for a ‘Post-fact’ World

Dr. Eve Dubé describes evidence-based strategies that public health professionals can use to address vaccine hesitancy. Strategies include mass communication campaigns and one-on-one communication.


 Jessica Merkley
ET5: Improving Vaccine Uptake – The Implementation of a Hospital-Based Immunization Clinic

Jessica Merkley discusses how the British Columbia Children’s Hospital implemented a hospital-based immunization clinic, the first of its kind in Canada, to help improve vaccine uptake.

For more information about the BC Children's Hospital Immunization Clinic, visit http://www.bcchildrens.ca/our-services/clinics/family-immunization#About.


Tara Hills
ET4: A Message for Public Health from a Former Vaccine Hesitant Mother – Tara Hills' journey from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine confidence

Tara Hills describes her journey from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine confidence and what public health can do to support parents who are vaccine hesitant. 



Dr. Noni MacDonald
ET2: Mandatory Infant and Child Immunizations: The way forward to improving vaccine uptake?

Dr. Noni MacDonald discusses the rationale, issues, and knowledge gaps of mandatory childhood immunizations.


ET1: Building Vaccine Confidence in the Era of Fake News

Timothy Caulfield discusses the challenges and opportunities for strengthening immunization promotion and building vaccine confidence in an era of fake news.


Last Reviewed: May 20, 2020

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