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In this eLearning series, you will be introduced to the World Health Organization (WHO) infodemic management competencies in order to help build and rebuild Canada's vaccine confidence and demand in a post-pandemic digital information age. Each module will present evidence-based innovations (online and offline) and offer practical applications of existing and modern interventions in public health and in related domains.

The WHO infodemic management competencies have been adapted to help enhance Canada's vaccine confidence across population levels and among healthcare and non-healthcare providers by modernizing immunization programming and thereby reigniting demand. 

This eLearning series is targeted at immunization providers, educators, and program planners (IPEPP) to help advance and adapt vaccine programming post-pandemic and utilize infodemic management skills in order to deliver safe, trusted, and effective programming. 

Building Vaccine Confidence and Demand in a Digital Information Age consists of the following modules: 

  • Module 1 - LISTEN: Social listening to understand the public’s (and peers') questions, concerns, narratives, and misinformation 
  • Module 2 - INFORM: Delivering high-quality health information and programming    
  • Module 3 - INTERVENE-COUNTER-MONITOR: Intervening through design, implementation, and evaluation by applying tools, kits, and methods  
  • Module 4 - SUPPORT: Promoting and supporting resilience, healthy behaviours, and community engagement


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Vaccination Decision Making,Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Understanding Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Program Planning and Delivery,Professional Development,Education and Training Vaccination Decision Making
Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Understanding Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Program Planning and Delivery
Professional Development
Education and Training


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