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"While the value of vaccines is accepted by many people, some still debate their necessity, efficacy, and safety. This may present challenges for physicians who know a particular vaccine is indicated and appropriate, but the patient or the patient’s legal guardian is hesitant about or refuses the vaccine. This FAQ provides information on how physicians can address vaccination hesitancy and refusal." - Canadian Medical Protective Association

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Vaccination Decision Making,Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Counselling and Communication,Role of Health Care Providers,Program Planning and Delivery,Program Delivery and Evaluation,Informed Consent,Monitoring and Surveillance,Outbreaks and Pandemics,COVID-19 Vaccination Decision Making
Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Counselling and Communication
Role of Health Care Providers
Program Planning and Delivery
Program Delivery and Evaluation
Informed Consent
Monitoring and Surveillance
Outbreaks and Pandemics


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