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CANVax in Brief are short evidence based articles that aim to inform, engage and inspire its readers by bringing attention to current and emerging issues in immunization, and by profiling initiatives and activities from across Canada that aim to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake.

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Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making

December 4, 2018

Optimizing communication tools to address vaccine hesitancy

Ève Dubé - Medical Anthropologist, Researcher

Vaccine hesitancy (the reluctance to accept recommended vaccines) is a complex issue that poses risk communication problems for public health agencies. Studies have shown that providing information and communicating evidence of vaccine safety and efficacy to those who are vaccine-hesitant has done little to stem the growth of hesitancy-related beliefs and fears. In this CANVax in Brief, we highlight good practices informed by research evidences in developing communication materials to address vaccine hesitancy.