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CANVax in Brief are short evidence-based articles that aim to inform, engage and inspire its readers by bringing attention to current and emerging issues in immunization, and by profiling initiatives and activities from across Canada that aim to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake.

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CANVax Brief Series - CANVax is collaborating with Canada Communicable Disease Report (CCDR) to publish short evidence-based briefs from our CANVax in Brief series throughout 2020. You can read our articles here.


School Based Immunizations

May 23, 2020

Overview of Canadian School-Based Immunization Programs

Kodzo Awoenam Adedzi, Eve Dubé

School-based immunization programs are implemented in all Canadian provinces and territories. These programs are an effective and equitable approach to reach and vaccinate children and teenagers, and can reduce the prevalence of many infectious diseases. This CANVax in Brief presents an overview of school-based immunization programs in Canada, the benefits and challenges of school-based vaccination, and ways to optimize these programs.