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"Social networks, geographic and online, provide an opportunity to explore diverse viewpoints or simply reflect or reinforce current (positive or negative) vaccine beliefs. The internet provides vocal vaccine deniers – the noisy, albeit relatively small, extreme end of the subgroup of vaccine refusers – with a potentially wide audience for their fringe views. Misinformation can further spread by social contagion and have a big impact on vaccine decisions.

While the potential damage a vocal vaccine denier can cause through mass the media is significant, response from the immunization program must be approached carefully, thoughtfully and with caution. Poorly prepared or rash responses may backfire and further undermine pro-vaccine messaging." - Addressing Vocal Vaccine Deniers in Public Forum to Strengthen Resiliency (Section 6)

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Vaccination Decision Making,Sub Topics: Vaccination Decision Making,Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy Vaccination Decision Making
Sub Topics: Vaccination Decision Making
Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy


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