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"Most Canadian parents make sure their children are immunized on time, but health care providers often encounter parents who are hesitant about vaccination or refuse recommended vaccines. This practice point offers evidence-based guidance to clinicians on how to work with vaccine-hesitant parents. Steps include: 1) Understanding the health care provider’s key role in parental decision-making and not dismissing vaccine refusers from practice; 2) Using presumptive and motivational interviewing techniques to identify specific vaccine concerns; 3) Using effective, clear language to present evidence for disease risks and vaccine benefits fairly and accurately; 4) Managing pain on immunization; and 5) Reinforcing the importance of and parental responsibility for community protection. Immunization is one of the most important preventive health measures in existence and responsible for saving millions of lives. Addressing the concerns of vaccine-hesitant parents is a priority for health care providers". - Working with Vaccine Hesitant Parents: An update

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Working with Vaccine Hesitant Parents: An update

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Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
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Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making


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