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"WHO competency framework: Building a response workforce to manage infodemics is developed by WHO. The objective is to orient and support the design, development and evaluation of the needs of an institution’s workforce. This framework can assist institutions to strengthen IM capacity by hiring, staff development and human resource planning. It is structured to benefit all workers active in IM in health institutions and organizations, including leaders and people who have active roles that influence decision- and policy-making.  

The framework is conceptualized around the five workstreams for infodemic preparedness and response along the epidemic curve, analogous to an epidemic response. It is structured around four domains that contain competencies for infodemic managers in the form of tasks, and the knowledge and skills that are needed to perform them." - World Health Organization (WHO) 

Additional Authors: Melinda Frost, Elisabeth Wilhelm, Denise Traicoff, Apophia Namageyo - Funa, Angus Thompon, Claire Wardle, Sylvie Briand


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