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"In 2000, estimated coverage with the first dose of a rubella-containing vaccine (RCV1) in the World Health Organization European Region (EUR) was 60%, and 621,039 rubella cases were reported (incidence = 716.9 per 1 million population).

During 2005–2019, estimated EUR RCV1 coverage was 93%–95%. In 2019, 30 (57%) countries had achieved ≥95% RCV1 coverage. Rubella incidence declined from 234.9 cases per 1 million population in 2005 to 0.7 cases per 1 million population by 2019. 

Sustaining regional rubella elimination will require maintaining high coverage with rubella-containing vaccines through routine immunization, offering supplementary rubella vaccination to susceptible adults, and maintaining high-quality surveillance.

This report updates a previous report and describes progress toward rubella and CRS elimination in EUR during 2005–2019." - United States Centers for Disease Control


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