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"This is a general guidance document that can be used as a reference for making decisions about and planning the introduction of a vaccine into a national immunization programme. It draws from the experiences of many countries that have introduced new vaccines.

This document is an update of the 2005 WHO Vaccine Introduction Guidelines and it brings together the recommendations and guidance from many recent guidelines, tools and other documents on specific aspects of immunization and on specific vaccines. It provides updated information relevant to many vaccines that are being introduced into national immunization programmes now and in the coming years, including pneumococcal conjugate, rotavirus, meningococcal A, rubella, human papillomavirus (HPV), Japanese encephalitis, and inactivated polio vaccines. For more detailed information about a specific vaccine or aspect of immunization, decision-makers and planners should consult vaccine-specific introduction guidelines and other tools developed by WHO, UNICEF and other partners. This document provides links to many of these guidelines and tools". - Principles and Considerations for Adding a Vaccine to a National Immunization Programme: From Decision to Implementation and Monitoring

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