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"Missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV) include any contact made with health services by a child (or adult) who is eligible for vaccination, but which does not result in the individual receiving all the vaccine doses for which he or she is eligible.

National immunization programmes across the globe continue to seek alternative strategies to explore the reasons for stagnating vaccination coverage and to design tailored strategies to address them. This suite of documents provides an additional strategy in the toolbox of a programme manager at the national or subnational level. Using a participatory mixed-methods approach, it provides step-by-step guidance on how to conduct a bottom-up root-cause analysis of bottle-necks in the immunization programme and to design relevant strategies to address them. When applied appropriately, the steps outlined in these guides have the potential to result to an increase in vaccination coverage and equity and an improvement in timeliness of vaccination.

The MOV strategy should not be viewed as a stand-alone or discreet “project”; rather as complementary to existing microplanning and programme improvement approaches such as RED (‘Reaching Every District’). The MOV strategy is conceived as a health system-wide service improvement effort targeted at vaccination as well as other health services.

This document is one of a three-part document, designed to be used together". - MOV Planning Guide to Reduce Missed Opportunities for Vaccination

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MOV Planning Guide to Reduce Missed Opportunities for Vaccination

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