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"As did SARS or Ebola in the past, the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) highlights the vulnerabilities of humans in front of emerging infectious diseases. Given the lack of curative treatments, containment becomes paramount until vaccines are available to prevent. COVID-19 has shown how far and how fast an emerging infectious disease can spread even with containment strategies as we are a highly mobile, interdependent world. As deaths and the negative impact on economies continue to grow, the world is desperately looking for vaccines as the ultimate prevention of infection strategy so physical distancing measures, travel bans, and closure of businesses and schools can be lifted."  - How can a global pandemic affect vaccine hesitancy? 

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Vaccination Decision Making,Sub Topics: Vaccination Decision Making,Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy,Monitoring and Surveillance,Outbreaks and Pandemics,COVID-19 Vaccination Decision Making
Sub Topics: Vaccination Decision Making
Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy
Monitoring and Surveillance
Outbreaks and Pandemics


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