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"This guide presents advice, scripts, and resources to help navigate conversations about COVID-19 vaccines with hesitant patients. These have been developed with clinicians from across Canada. In the guide you'll find: 

  • Clinician - to clinician advice on how to counsel patients about their "type." Below you'll find examples of dialogue from other clinicians who have addressed this type of hesitancy. 
  • Examples of approaches that work for undifferentiated vaccine hesitancy; and
  • A flowsheet for identifying, differentiating, and addressing common "types" of vaccine hesitancy

Inside the guide you will find practical scripts and resources gathered from fellow clinicians that are adapted to each "type" of vaccine hesitancy. 

The advice, general principles, and scripts in the guide are grounded in the techniques of Motivational interviewing. Motivational interviewing encourages both the clinician and the patient to identify positive motivations for vaccination. This happens in the course of open, affirming, conversations about options rather than closed, judgmental, pronouncements of expertise." - University of Calgary School of Public Policy

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Vaccination Decision Making,Vaccine Hesitancy,Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making,Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Understanding Acceptance and Uptake,Counselling and Communication,Monitoring and Surveillance,Outbreaks and Pandemics,COVID-19 Vaccination Decision Making
Vaccine Hesitancy
Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making
Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Understanding Acceptance and Uptake
Counselling and Communication
Monitoring and Surveillance
Outbreaks and Pandemics


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