CPHA Canvax

CANVax invites you to contribute resources you or your organization has developed. Below are guidelines for you to consider when sharing resources to the CANVax database. 

What we are looking for:
Resources, strategies, tools and best practices to support the following topics areas: 
•    Vaccine confidence
•    Vaccine acceptance and uptake
•    Vaccine safety
•    Vaccine development
•    Vaccine monitoring and surveillance
•    Outbreaks and pandemics
•    Vaccine preventable disease surveillance
•    Immunization program planning and delivery
•    Policy 

What we are not looking for at this time:
•    Campaign posters

Content upload requirements:
•    80MB limit
•    File types -  .txt .rtf .pdf .doc .docx .odt .ppt .pptx .odp .xls .xlsx .ods