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Despite scientific evidence supporting the fact that vaccines are fundamental tools for preventing infectious diseases, a percentage of the population still refuses some or all of them. Vaccine hesitancy has become a widespread issue, and its complexity lies in the great variety of factors that can influence decisions about immunization, which are not just vaccine-related concerns, but also involve personal and societal levels. Our research group performed an extensive literature review to analyze: (1) different age groups, their relation to the problem and their characteristics; (2) the most important information (key messages) about immunization that could be used to counteract hesitancy; and (3) best approaches to transmit the messages to the target groups. We propose a long-term approach to overcome vaccine hesitancy that involves the education of children and adolescents on the basics about immunization and critical thinking, using different communication channels.

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Combating Vaccine Hesitancy: Teaching the Next Generation to Navigate Through the Post Truth Era

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Vaccination Decision Making,Vaccine Hesitancy,Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making,Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Understanding Acceptance and Uptake Vaccination Decision Making
Vaccine Hesitancy
Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making
Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Understanding Acceptance and Uptake


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