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"Influenza is a significant cause of death and hospitalization in Nova Scotia, especially for residents of closed facilities such as long term care facilities (LTCF) and residential care facilities (RCF). These residents are at increased risk for influenza and influenza-related complications because of age, compromised health status, and institutional living environment.

Influenza immunization is safe and effective and is the single most important way to prevent influenza and influenza-related complications and deaths. Every effort should be made to ensure compliance with influenza immunization recommendations each season. However, because influenza outbreaks can still occur among highly vaccinated long-term care/ residential care residents, LTCF and RCF staff should be prepared to monitor staff and residents each year for influenza and promptly initiate measures to control the spread of influenza within facilities when outbreaks are detected.

These guidelines reflect the current standards of practice in influenza control for LTCF and RCF. They have been developed based on the current literature, and local, provincial, and national expertise". - 2017-2018 Guide to Influenza-Like Illness and Influenza Outbreak Control for Long-Term Care and Residential Care Facilities


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